Definitions for "Item analysis"
Method for determining the usefulness of each individual item as a part of the total test
A technique employed to analyze student responses to objective test items. The technique is used both to improve the quality of items and enhance interpretation of results. This technique shows the difficulty of the items and the extent to which each item properly discriminates between high achieving and low achieving students. [ A-C] [ D-F] [ G-I] [ J-L] [ M-O] [ P-R] [ S-U] [ V-Z] [ Table Of Contents
This refers to a set of statistical procedures used to evaluate the quality of test items. The item analysis is conducted after examinees have responded to the set of items. The measures most commonly included in the item analysis are the item difficulty index, item discrimination index, and distractor analysis.
a valuable, yet relatively easy, procedure that teachers can use to answer both of these questions