Definitions for "Content analysis"
Analysing the content of media - e.g. publications and broadcast programs to determine the main themes being represented. This is a quantitative technique, which usually involves counting the number of times a word or theme appears.See also Media research.
normally used in methods texts to refer to the quantitative analysis of texts or images, content analysis is in practice often combined with qualitative thematic analysis to produce a broadly interpretive approach in which quotations as well as numerical counts are used to summarise important facets of the raw materials analysed
A kind of study that picks out themes by noticing the details of books, newspapers, movies, speeches, etc.; for example, counting the number of times a word or phrase is used in President Clinton’s speeches.
a powerful approach which can be used to relate expression of individual genes to cell cycle position and the cell's propensity to undergo apoptosis
a widely used technique for monitoring cell growth kinetics and tor detecting abnormalities in nuclear DNA content in tumor cells
A set of procedures for collecting and organizing nonstructured information into a standardized format that allows one to make inferences about the characteristics and meaning of written and otherwise recorded material.