Definitions for "Assessment centre"
A centre for assessing staff prior to interview in order to assess their overall suitability for the post for which they have applied.
Method for the selection of job-seekers. Those are dragged into stupid games and asked to lower their pants during psycho-tests. Right training for false statements.
a cross between a training session and an interview
a variety of tests and exercises to ascertain the suitability of a potential employee's skills and ability
A collection of instruments and exercises designed to diagnose a person's development needs.
An organisation through which NVQ assessment is carried out; they may be employers or independent training providers but are usually Colleges of Further Education.
A community home designated under the Children & Young Persons Act 1969 to assess children's needs prior to placement.
a comprehensive, standardised procedure in which multiple techniques are used to evaluate individuals for various purposes
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a process, not a place