Definitions for "Needs Assessment"
A data collection effort during which the status of a program, institution, faculty and/or services is assessed and the need for an intervention (e.g., training courses) is established and documented.
the process by which PCTs and SHAs use information to judge the health of their population and determine what services are necessary to meet that need
Process of examining educational programs and curriculum to locate specific student needs that are going unmet with the intention of establishing the focus for additional programming.
Evaluation of the requirements or demands for health services by a population or community.
a component of program evaluation
a form of evaluation and can be on a continuum from something as simple as an environmental scan completed by driving through the neighborhood, attending public meetings, and informally talking with potential audiences to a more formal written survey
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a social worker's report covering the specific matters set out in para 2.3 and para 2.4 of the Manual.
a decision-making tool with the following
a discovery tool for directing activities and resources to areas of most importance
The discipline applied to understanding the context from which an Intranet can add value.
a critical part of planning adult education
Procedure for gathering information before deciding where there is an educational gap to be addressed.
an ongoing features of the guiding movement
an important precursor to learning about hearing assistance technology
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A list of all the types of tasks that you want a computer to accomplish.
Analysis of the external conditions that a program or service is (or is considering) trying to address and the external and internal factors that might affect its performance.
A continuous, formal process for identifying in what areas and by how much the present system is short of an ideal state.
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A process to determine the way things are in the community, and the way they should be.