Definitions for "IEE"
See Independent Education Evaluation.
Initial Environmental Examination. A preliminary attempt to evaluate environmental impacts in order to determine whether a full-scale environmental impact assessment is needed. Also called Initial Environmental Investigation (IEI), partial EIA or "Preliminary EIA".
independent educational evaluation. An evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner, who is not employed by the school district at the public's expense.
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ndependent ducation valuation
Institution of Electrical Engineers (London, UK)
Institute of Electrical Engineers is a non-profit organisation that represents proffesional engineers. The IEE is also issues regulations for the safe installation of electrical and electronic equipment and takes a leading part in the formulation of national and international standards.
Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK based)
Keywords:  vee, macros, overhead, drawn, array
The current drawn by the macro, into the VEE supply of the circuit. For individual macros, the current drawn by that macro (TYPICAL). When computing the supply current for an array, it will be a function of the macros used in the array plus the overhead current for the I/O mode.