Definitions for "SES"
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See Severely Errored Seconds.
Severely errored second. (DS1): A second which has an equivalent error ratio greater than 1-in-1000. In SF a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses six or more framing bit errors or 1544 or more BPVs. In ESF a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses 320 or more CRC-6 errors or 1544 or more BPVs. On unframed circuits a circuit with one or more LOSs or 1544 or more BPVs.
severely errored second. One-second interval where the bit error ratio (BER) exceeds 10-3.
Socioeconomic survey
socioeconomic status
Socio-economic status.
Special Education Section
ocio conomic tatus is generally taken to refer to a person's overall social position, as determined across a number of aspects or dimensions, and is most commonly defined in terms of educational, occupational and economic attainments. When used in studies relating to school students, the term refers to parental or family SES.
Specialist Education Services.
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Sirolimus Eluting Stent
Spongiform encephalopathy.
Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, the first volume of Ken Wilber's definitive theoretical trinity.
Student Employment Services
Search Engine Strategies (Conference for Search Engine Marketing Professionals).
State Emergency Service
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Sound Enhancement Systemâ„¢. (Plantronics) () The Plantronics Sound Enhancement System lets you highlight bass or treble sounds for a fuller, richer tone. It's used on the Plantronics Encore line of headsets.
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Salomon Escape System
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Small Edison Screw. A lamp base, used for display lamps mainly. A small version of ES fittings. Also known as R14, since the thread diameter is 14mm.
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RGS single event selection (selectable mode)
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Simple Elegant Sales
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Digital Audio Editor File
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Ship Earth Stations