Definitions for "Bit Error Rate"
Often shortened to BER; indicates the number of bit errors that occur in proportion to the number of correctly processed bits. Bit Error Rates for most CD-ROM applications are in the range of 1 error per 10 12 bits.
BER The rate at which errors occur in a stream of transmitted data. The BER may be expressed in terms of a percentage of error-free seconds or as a percentage of error-free bits.
BER - The ratio of the number of bits in a data transmission that are incorrectly received to the number of bits received. The BER is typically expressed in parts per million and is used as an indication of reliability.
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used as a measure of the quality of reception by the MES of the Bulletin Board of a TDM Channel.
The number of transmitted bits expected to be corrupted when two computers have been communicating for a given length of time.
Discrepancy between outgoing and incoming bits transmitted between data equipment.
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Probability that a read bit does not match the written bit.
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