Definitions for "Edison"
Interagency Extramural Invention Information Management System
United States inventor; inventions included the phonograph and incandescent electric light and the microphone and the Kinetoscope (1847-1931)
NIH Extramural Invention Information Management System
Southern California Edison Company
Edison is a lunar crater on the far side of the Moon. It is located just behind the north-northeastern limb of the Moon, a region that is sometimes brought into sight of the Earth during favorable librations. However even at such times not much detail can be discerned, and the crater is better observed by orbiting spacecraft.
Edison is a New Jersey Transit station on the Northeast Corridor Line, in Edison, New Jersey. It is located at the corner of Central and Plainfield Avenues (Rt. 529) in the southern part of the town, and accessible by car via Reed Street (off Central Avenue). A Dunkin' Donuts franchise operates in the waiting room of the north/New York City-bound platform.
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Edison (known as Edison Force in the United States) is a 2005 movie written and directed by David J. Burke.
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The 1998 International Collectibles Show held in Edison NJ. Starting in 2000, the show was held in Atlanta. This show alternated coasts each year with Long Beach. The trade shows are no longer held.