Definitions for "Vee"
Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis
Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis
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na cah-va) [L., blood vessel + hollow] A large vein that brings blood from the tissues to the right atrium of the four-chambered mammalian heart. The superior vena cava collects blood from the forelimbs, head, and anterior or upper trunk; the inferior vena cava collects blood from the posterior body region.
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A bottom shape in which the stringer is lower than the rails when viewed from the side. Originated in the tail area during the late 1960s by Australian designer Bob McTavish and several contemporaries, it allows a board to roll positively from rail to rail in turns. Tail vee was a design standard until the early 1990s, when experiments with concaves and reverse vee (see reverse vee) virtually eliminated it from small wave equipment. Still the preferred bottom contour in many medium to large wave designs. * see illustration
The part of the "frog" of a turnout upon which the train wheels will run. The part of a turnout where the inside running rails come together.
The arc of the field forward of the striker, from about cover to midwicket, encompassing the directions in which drives are best played.
Water formation that indicates an obstruction, see Chute. Term is also used to describe hull shapes.
A highly contagious disease affecting the central nervous system that can cause illness or death in horses and humans.
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A (usually) shallow cut made with a pointed tool. For most patterns an angle of about 12 degrees away from the work surface is used. The right half of the tool being ground to be only marginally greater than the right half of the cut so that the guide can be set as close as possible.