Definitions for "Evaluation Criteria"
the criteria used to evaluate the compliance and/or relative ranking of tender responses. All evaluation criteria must be clearly stated in the request documentation.
Criteria set forth in a solicitation document that specifies the basis for award of a contract. ()
Evaluation criteria are used to assess the merit of offers received. The evaluation criteria are specified in the quotation or tender documentation.
The goals used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each planning concept in light of the community's core values and vision.
All of the business variables and factors used to evaluate and measure the strengths and weaknesses of the licensed product concept.
Principle or standard on which a judgement or decision may be based.
The approved, published standards for evaluating the grant applications.
Keywords:  scope, accuracy, topic, article, tool
In order to determine the value of a research tool (print or electronic) or a publication (book, video, government document, or article) to your research topic, look at the 1) date, 2) scope, 3) objectivity, 4) authority, and 5) accuracy.