Definitions for "Acorn"
Keywords:  oak, jacobean, nut, cupule, bedposts
The fruit of the oak, being an oval nut growing in a woody cup or cupule.
The fruit of an oak; A one-seed nut fixed in a woody cup.
A turning that resembles the acorn (fruit of the oak tree). It was used as a finial, drop pendant, or furniture foot in the Jacobean furniture of early 17th Century England.
A system of classifying UK households into 56 demographic groups
A classification of residential neighborhoods; a marketing segmentation system that enables consumers to be classified according to the type of area they live - usually just by using the consumer's postcode.
Acronym for "A Classification of Residential Neighborhoods". Used to classify neighborhoods using variables such as demographics, housing types, etc.
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Aladdin's Lamp Ankh
Applications, Catalogues, Operators/models, Repositories of data, all on the Network. Describes the interoperable system architecture proposed by the OpenGIS Consortium and used in the CANRI framework.
The official newsletter for the Kingdom of Atlantia.
Keywords:  vane, spindle, mast, cone, head
A cone-shaped piece of wood on the point of the spindle above the vane, on the mast-head.
Keywords:  squash, tough, pale, usa, winter
A winter squash common in the USA which varies in color from pale green to deep orange. It is round with a tough green skin.
A streamlined fitting placed at the intersection of bracing wires to prevent abrasion.
Vanderbilt's automated library system, including an online catalog and circulation, acquisitions, and cataloging functions.
A dried acorn is excellent for keeping a youthful appearance. Though not so powerful, an acorn made of silver, copper or gold will do.
Keywords:  brass, wooden, blind, knotted, slips
A decorative brass or wooden "handle" which slips onto the cords of a blind to cover the knotted ends.
Australian Council of Operating Room Nurses
Keywords:  ribbing, pressed, glass, pattern
Pattern of pressed glass with an acorn pattern on the ribbing.
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A generous-tipping player
slang for someone who is performing an intelligence function.
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See Acorn-shell.