Definitions for "Message queue"
In asynchronous mode, messages are stored in a queue until the peer connect to the broker to get them. They are either stored in memory or on the hard disk in a specific folder.
In application messaging, a place where one program can send messages that will be retrieved by another program. The two programs communicate asynchronously without any knowledge of the location of the other program or even whether the other program is running. See also Delivery Transport.
Synonym for queue.
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The directory where messages accepted from clients and other mail servers are queued for delivery (immediate or deferred).
The method by which a process (or program instance) can exchange or pass data using an interface to a message-based system. It is also used in reference to IBM's WebSphere MQ product, which provides transactional message queuing and JMS facilities for many platforms.
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A set of messages maintained by the IPM Manager on a recipient's disk or the disk of a message server.
a software engineering component used for inter-process communication or server-to-server communication
a software object maintained by the IRIX kernel, logically apart from the address space of any process
a set of memory locations that provide temporary storage for data that are being passed from task to task (or to/from interrupt service software)
an object that enables thread synchronization and the exchange of data between cooperating threads
a construct running on a machine that listens for and accepts messages
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A linked list of zero or more messages connected together.
a means for distributed applications to process requests in a variety of ways, from different computers