Definitions for "JMS"
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Java Message Service. A peer-to-peer messaging system for java programs to send and receive messages. A JMS application is capable of sending or receiving application defined messages (asynchronous requests, reports, or events) to other JMS applications so that these separate applications can collaborate or coordinate their efforts.
See Java Message Service
Java Messenging Service, Java interface to Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) products.
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ava essaging ervice Coming Soon
Journal Management System.  Name of the desktop application we are providing for the editor - Dr. Kraft. Major author            The major author is the main author the editor corresponds with and sends email to. Major revisions            A referee may indicate that a paper needs major revisions before he/she would accept it to be published. The author may revise the paper and resubmit it for re-refereeing. If the paper is deemed to still need major revisions, it is rejected. Major subfield            The main area of expertise or interest of a referee.  Papers are usually assigned to referees according to the subfield of the paper corresponding to the referee's major subfield.
Jury Management System Jury Selection Management system
is a national program developed specifically for the Federal Courts that facilitates all aspects of jury management from the creation and maintenance of a jury pool, to panel creation, and jury selection.
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Jet mixture solenoid
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