Definitions for "Direct Delivery"
A type of electronic mail system in which messages are sent directly from one computer to another.
Direct discharge from vessel onto railroad car, road vehicle or barge with the purpose of immediate transport from the port area (usually occurs when ports lack adequate storage space or when ports are not equipped to handle a specific cargo).
Term used to describe the delivery of goods directly from seller to customer. It can also refer to goods which are unloaded from a vessel and directly loaded onto other means of transport in order to be delivered to the customer and without being stored anywhere in the port. This is usually done when there is not enough storage capacity or adequate storage facilities for certain types of cargo.
The conveyance of goods directly from the vendor to the buyer. Frequently used if a third party acts as intermediary agent between vendor and buyer.
The consignment of goods directly from the supplier to the buyer, frequently used where a third party acts as intermediary between supplier and buyer.