Definitions for "GSC"
Granulomatose Septique Chronique
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HP proprietary bus. Initially used for I/O, but PA-7100LC & PA-7300LC processors connect directly to the GSC bus. GSC comes in several variants: GSC-1X The original GSC bus implemented on PCX-L and used in the Gecko, Mirage and Electra computers. Peak Bandwidth 142MB/s w/DMA, 106 MB/s with PIO writes. GSC+ Enhancements added for KittyHawk/SkyHawk (U2 chip) that allow for pending transactions. GSC+ enhancements are orthogonal to the GSC-1.5X and GSC-2X enhancements. Aka "Extended GSC" or "EGSC". GSC-1.5X GSC-1X with an additional variable length write transaction. GSC-2X GSC-1.5X with a protocol enhancement to allow data to be sent at double the GCLK rate (Peak bandwidth = 256 MB/s)
The GSC was formed around 1997 by students supporting the struggle of underpaid and mistreated workers here at Georgetown and around the world.
Government Secondary-School Certificate. A Certificate awarded by the U.A.E. Ministry of Education to all government secondary school graduating students. A GSC or equivalent is normally required for admission to the HCT rade Point Average (GPA): A numerical value derived from final grade which is recorded on the student's transcript. For example a GPA can be used to reflect performance on total courses, in a specific semester in a program major, etc
Genetics Society of Canada
the Geological Survey of Canada.
Abbreviation for Geological Survey of Canada.
Gamma Supporting Commission. Any Merchant who has introduced one person in his/her downline on either leg, regardless of the plan he/she has joined, once its balance on the other leg is introduced then he/she completes the 1st step which is called GMS. This commssion is only offered for the 1st step.
General Services Commission
Grant Selection Committee (of NSERC)
Grid Security Committee: the group appointed as the primary decision making body within the contractual structure of MACQS.
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Grand Staircase
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Guide Star Catalogue
Guide Star Catalog
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gas-solid chromatography
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Golden State Challenge.
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General Services Co-ordinator.
Government Services Contract