Definitions for "noc"
Network Operational Centre
Covad's NOC monitors network elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The NOC provides the customer's corporate IT staff with access to automated information regarding issues or network outages that affect the customer's teleworkers.
Network Operations Centre. is the location from where network management functions are controlled, situated at the registered office premises. The NOC for the LLN is operated by Logicalis.
National Occupation Code. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is a tool for helping Canadians to understand the world of work. It describes duties, skills, interests, aptitudes, education requirements and working setting for occupations in the Canadian labour market.
Underwriter’s shorthand derived from general liability and workers compensation rating tables that stands for "not otherwise classified" meaning no more specific classification is available — as in "Clerical Office Employees NOC."
National Occupational Classification or NOC is a systematically ordered classification of occupations in the Canadian labour market. It is used to standardize occupational information in Canada. The NOC lists 520 occupational unit groups that are identified by a unique four-digit number. Over 25,000 occupational titles are included in these unit groups. Source: HRSDC: National Occupational Classification (NOC)
National Olympic Committee
National Olympic Committees
National Organizing Committee
Notification of Change, a non-monetary ACH communication, from the RDFI to the ODFI, notifying the ODFI that previously valid information for a transaction Receiver has become outdated or is otherwise erroneous, and providing the corrected information.
See the entry for “Notification of Change
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Non-Official Cover
an undercover agent who is given no official cover
Five digit Nevada offense codes, used statewide by Nevada law enforcement agencies.
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Notice Of Compliance
This script allow checking for an unlimited amount of servers on the ports/services you specify.
No contact with the customer/spouse made and no information obtained.
A hosting company's "home base". The NOC is typically where most administrative, technical support, and physical server housing takes place.
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No Objection Certificate
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Non original cover