Definitions for "Network operator"
1. n. A person who controls the operation of all or part of a network. 2. n. In a multiple-domain network, a person or program responsible for controlling all domains.
The operator of a telecommunication network with a Public Telecommunications Operator (PTO) licence, which provides, amongst other things, network services.
A person who controls the day to day operation of all or part of a network.
Person (or entity) providing the Network Services and /or its Resources for the actual execution of services. source: EU-P230 domain: Pan European Organisational Management Schemes usage: EU-P230
In the wireless industry, a network refers to the infrastructure enabling the transmission of wireless signals. A network ties things together and enables resource sharing.
A service provider that provides high-speed connections to the Internet using whatever technology, including but not limited to cable networks, telephone networks, fiber optic connections and wireless transmission.
An organisation, generally with its own network, entitled to obtain allocation of numbering capacity from Oftel. The relevant criteria are identified in the Numbering Conventions.
Person who routinely monitors and controls a network, performing such tasks as reviewing and responding to traps, monitoring throughput, configuring new circuits, and resolving problems. See also network administrator.