Definitions for "SSC "
Keywords:  sane, consensual, safe, safewords, kink
safe, sane, consensual - in a bdsm scene, means playing with safewords, condoms (and other protection) and prior agreements
Safe, Sane, Consensual. What all your scenes should be.
Safe, Sane and Consensual”, one of the popular ways of defining healthy kink
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SSC is a fast paced arcade space shoot'em-up featuring many colorful bouncy balls. The game focuses on interesting play and physics themes.
Fast paced arcade action involving numerous bouncy balls.
Shimano Smooth Cast. SSC is a system designed to improve line lay, reduce tangles, improve casting potential and aid fishing with light tackle.
Sinhala Sports Cricket ground
State s Sports Council
Sets of Station Coordinates
smaller-scale contingency
Coastal sub, designed specifically for coastal defense.
Superconducting Super Collider, aka "the big hole in Texas." I spent approximately 4 summers working on/for the SSC in some form, and was hoping to make a career out of it. However, my senior year at MIT, the funding got slashed by Congress just in time to paralyze my thesis briefly, but that's how it goes, I guess.
Senior Service College
Senior Services Counselor
Stennis Space Center (Stennis Space Center, MS)
Social Science Computing
Special Services Center
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This is an abbreviation for Stainless Steel Clamp, a system created by Uponor Wirsbo. This system requires the stainless steel clamping tool and stainless steel clamps to make a PEX Connection. The SSC PEX Fittings are designed with barbs in order to work with the SSC Clamps.
In terms of BDSM, this acronym stands for afe, ane and onsensual. Originally offered to the media in the early 80's as a description for BDSM activities as to make the general public feel at ease about such "dangerous and unhealthy" practices. (See Joseph Bean's essay on this topic.)
Space Solution Correction - proprietary Trimble Navigation GPS data file containing "corrected" location points which are more accurate than MSC data.
sulfide stress cracking. Brittle failure by cracking under the combined action of tensile stress and corrosion in the presence of water and hydrogen sulfide. See also environmental cracking.
Sierra Student Coalition
Student Services Committee.
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Singles Supper Club
See State Securities Commission.
State Securities Commission. A government agency tasked to develop capital markets and to regulate securities activities, the SSC is responsible for licensing market participants, and enforcing regulations.
Storage Class Service Classify service of safeguard
systemic sclerosis
Static switch cabinet (in shared systems).
Secondary Sexual Characteristics.
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Supply Status Code