Definitions for "DMC"
Disaster Monitoring Constellation
Democratic Management Committee; these administrative organs established from 1962 in monasteries and nunneries in Tibet and reconstituted under the "patriotic re-education" campaign
Data Monitoring Committee. An independent panel that monitors the study results. The DMC is used to help eliminate study bias. The DMC may also intervene to stop a trial if one arm is found to be unsafe or sub-standard.
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See Delivery Mode Code. (CML)
Delivery Mode Code. Consists of the Delivery Mode Audit Code and the Delivery Mode Code Details. (code de mode de livraison – CML)
Dystrophie Musculaire Congénitale
Digi Master Contract
Digital Master Control. This device is designed to control the power systems in a facility. It is offered as an option on Cummins switchgear.
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eath atch lassic (Half-Life) A modification for Half-Life by Valve Software.
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Dough moulding compound. polyester/resin fibre premix, for injection or transfer moulding, also known as bulk moulding compound (BMC)
Dear Manager Circulars
Denial Management Counseling
Data Management Center (at the University of Iowa)
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Drug Medi-Cal
Disproportionate Minority Confinement
defense movements coordinator; division movement control
defense movement coordinator
Digital Media Centre
Digital Media Center – An OhioLINK resource that provides access to images, sounds, video, and other types of electronic media for the OhioLINK community and the world.
Developing member country
Direct Mail Collection. A seller may forward his documents and instructions for collecting payment directly to a collecting bank in a foreign country, without going through the intermediary of the seller's own domestic bank.
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Direct Microscopic Count