Definitions for "Catalog Year"
Colleges and universities periodically publish new catalogs, updating policies, procedures, and degree programs. Students are held to the policies and procedures listed in the catalog that was current during the time in which they were matriculated.
The General Catalog is published annually. Department, school, division, college, and university requirements may change and are upgraded often. In determining graduation requirements, an undergraduate student may use only one edition of the General Catalog but may elect to follow any subsequent catalog. Students maintaining continuous enrollment at any public Arizona community college or university may graduate according to the requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment or according to the requirements of any single catalog in effect during subsequent terms of continuous enrollment. Students may maintain continuous enrollment whether attending a single public community college or university in Arizona or transferring among public institutions in Arizona while pursuing their degrees.
The university catalog in effect at the time of a students first enrollment governs graduation prerequisites.