Definitions for "ATIS"
A continuous broadcast of airport information, commonly found at tower-controlled airports. It usually includes weather information, runways in use, and any important notices. The information is normally updated hourly, and each update is identified by a letter in the phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie, etc.)
The continuous broadcast of recorded noncontrol information (such as weather and airport operations) in selected terminal areas. Its purpose is to improve controller effectiveness and to relieve frequency congestion by automating the repetitive transmission of essential but routine information.
Automatic Transmitter Identification System
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The ir ravel nformation ystem evaluations were a series of evaluations of speech recognition and spoken language understanding systems sponsored by DARPA. These evaluations began in 1990 and ended in 1995. They are responsible for the development of a corpus of approximately 20,000 utterances regarding air travel, grouped by speaker, session, and data collection site. The ATIS corpus is distributed by the Linguistic Data Consortium.
Systems, which disseminate information to the traveling public over a variety of methods such as variable-message sign, kiosks, Internet, cable television, personal hand-held devices, etc.
Advanced Traveler Information Systems. ATIS, a subset of ITS, delivers data directly to travelers, empowering them to make better choices about alternate routes or modes of transportation. The TRIMARC web site is an example of an ATIS.
Allied Translator and Interpreter Service
Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Standards