Definitions for "Monica "
Minor grape native to Sardinia. Made into both a dry, red wine and also a sweet, spicy red wine. Thought by some to be the antecedent of the Mission grape of early California fame.
Monica is a red wine grape that is grown primarily in Sardinia and is one of the few grapes that wine regulations allow to appear on the wine label. The vine originated in Spain but is rarely grown there in recent times. The wine made from these grapes tends to be simple wines made to be consumed young.
Monica is the designation of a small French sounding rocket. It was built in several versions, which were between 3.05 and 6.27 m long and had a takeoff weight between 62 and 154 kg. It was launched several times between 1955 and 1962 at Bachar (Algeria), Hammaguir (Algeria) and the Ile de Levant (France).
Monica was a brand of luxury cars created in France in the 1970s by Jean Tastevin.
Monica Denise Arnold (born October 24 1980), professionally known as Monica, is a Grammy Award-winning American R&B singer, songwriter, composer and occasional actress. She debuted in 1995 under the guidance of Rowdy Records head Dallas Austin and became the youngest recording act to ever have two consecutive chart-topping hits on the U.S. Billboard Top R&B Singles chart.
Keywords:  fltk, xorg, xgamma, xfree, frontend
Monica is a monitor calibration tool using the FLTK library. It works as frontend to xgamma to alter the gamma correction for XFree86 or Xorg. The black point, gray, and color blocks help to find usable settings for a target of
Multinational monitoring of trends and determinants in cardiovascular disease
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Monica is a novel by Saunders Lewis, written in the Welsh language and originally published in 1930. Lewis is better known for poetry and plays, and this was his first novel.
a long standing cross-cultural network exploring the creative aspirations of artists and others interested in using all the manifestations of telecollaborative media we can get our hands on
Team MONICA's effort: - general JAVA environment - general JAVA cryptography environment - SSH client/server in JAVA - secure & anonymous communication