Definitions for "Authorization Code"
The authorization code is a seven-digit number that is attached to an account number. The authorization code can be used to bill individual long distance calls to a special account number (such as a grant or research project). This code overrides an instrument's dialing restrictions. For example, you may place a long distance call from a courtesy phone by using your authorization code. To use an authorization code, dial *6*, the seven-digit authorization code, #, then the long distance number.
A code received (either verbally, electronically, or by ARU) from an authorization center verifying that a credit card is not listed on the negative file and has the available open-to-buy for the transaction submitted. The numerical code designated by the issuer, given to a sales transaction as verification that the sale has been authorized. The authorization code should always be included on the merchant sales draft.
This code is given by the credit card issuer and authorizes a specific transaction. This number should be saved for future reference.
a multi-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) that allows campus personnel to place zone message unit, toll, and long-distance calls from UCLA telephones
a six digit number that can be used at any University telephone line
An identification number dialed when placing a call to flag the call for billing segregation.
a unique number assigned to each product you purchase