Definitions for "ISO 9660"
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ISO standard for CD-ROM file system, particularly for PC applications.
An international standard defining the file and directory structures for CD-ROM. It defines such items as file naming conventions and subdirectory levels, etc. An ISO 9660 formatted CD-ROM will function on any computer platform containing the appropriate driver software. ISO 9660 data starts at track time 00:02:16 or sector 166 (logical sector 16) of track one. For a multisession disc, the ISO 9660 data will be present in the first data track of each session containing CD-ROM tracks.
The ISO document titled ISO 9660: Information Processing—Volume and File Structure of CD-ROM for Information Exchange (1988) defines a CD format that can be read by many different operating systems, including Mac® OS, Windows, DOS, UNIX, etc. ISO 9660 does not support long file names, custom icons, or directory settings. Discs intended only for Macintosh users should be written in the HFS format.
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