Definitions for "AWB"
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Air Waybill - air transport document
Abbreviation for Air Waybill.
A system that automatically sets the white balance.
Auto White Balance – See White Balance.
Automatic White Balance. A system for automatically setting the white balance in today's digital cameras. See also "White Balance"
AWB Limited is Australia's major national grain asset manager and one of the world's largest wheat managers and marketers. Having evolved for the Australian Wheat Board, which operated as a government statutory marketing authority for 60 years, AWB is now publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Its core activities are the pooling, marketing, trading, financing, risk management and logistical management of Australian wheat. AWB (International) is the exclusive manager and marketer of all Australian bulk wheat exports through what is known as the Single Desk system. AWB also markets and trades a range of other grains including barley, sorghum and oilseeds. See
A id pcap Australian Wheat Board
Short of Afrikaner Weerstandingsbeweging. A neo-fascist organisation of conservatives who want a return to the very dark days of Apartheid.
Circuitry in a camcorder that adjusts the colour of a picture in any given lighting situation to look normal to the human eye.
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