Definitions for "TRANSFER FUNCTION"
A mathematical equation embedded in an image file, which is used to modify the image at the moment it is printed. Transfer functions are usually used to lighten images to compensate for DOT GAIN.
A transform which can be used to describe the output of a device (say, an electrical transducer) as a function of the input to the device. In digital imaging, often applied to the function used to transform between intensities in a stored image and those in the representation of that image in the memory of a video display device.
Mathematical, graphical, or tabular statement of the influence which a system or element has on a signal or action compared at input and at output terminals.
This also represents the filter type of a filter. It includes Butterworth, Bessel, Chebychev, Elliptic, Constant Delay, or any other special response characteristic.
Algorithm used at the Argos processing centers to convert raw data in the transmitter messages into physical values (engineering units).
The capability of a device to transmit frequencies. See also MTF.
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See Deviation slope polarity.