Definitions for "mtf "
A transgendered male who presents as female.
Acronym for a Male-to-Female transexual person.
Male-To-Female, [cross-dresser or transsexuals]. (It is more [acceptable] to use the abbreviations rather than the complete phrase, except to explain it to someone who doesn't,t know what MTF stands for.) Also abbreviated as M2F, [or MtF].
Modulation Transfer Function. Describes the modulation of an image as the frequency increases; ratio of modulation between image and object. Also called sine wave response.
Modulation Transfer Function. The way people (who else, the magazines!) uses to measure a lens's ability to hold diminishing details of a subject. Why MTF ? Because, everything is done electronically and eliminating any errors in human judgement or vision and results can be repeatable to counter check earlier tests. Secondly, a precise comprehensive rating is made possible by incorporating huge amount of data into a single reading, lastly it is very fast and permit its use on just out from production lenses.
modulation transfer function. The modulation transfer function of an imaging system measures the spatial frequency modulation response of the system. As an imaging system processes or records an image, the contrast modulation of the processed or recorded image is different from the input image. The MTF can be thought of as a curve, indicating for each spatial frequency the ratio of the contrast modulation of the output image to the contrast modulation of the input image. It is formally defined as the magnitude of the Fourier transform of the line spread function of the imaging system.
Medical Teaching Facility
Military Treatment Facilities. Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) are hospitals, typically located on base, that provide medical or dental services to eligible beneficiaries.
Military treatment facility
Monitoring the Future. A cross-sectional survey of high school seniors that obtains self-reports about a wide range of social attitudes and behaviors, including drug use and violence. This study has been conducted annually since 1975 by the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research and is the longest-running national survey of its type. It also has a longitudinal component, following high school seniors into their adult years, but little has been published on the longitudinal data.
Monitoring the Future, a long-term study of youth drug abuse and attitudes, run by the University of Michigan and funded by NIDA.
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mtf is a Linux reader for the Microsoft Tape Format which is used by NT Backup.
MTF is a Microsoft Tape Format reader. It will read tapes created with the Windows NT/2000 backup utility.
Metadata Template File, used internally by the SSDB to define the digital library architecture, controlling the relationships among objects, metadata, and user interface tools click here
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manual terrain following
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maintenance test flight night
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Mountain-time-facing order of stars.
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