Definitions for "Purging"
Process by which certain types of cells are removed from stem cells prior to infusion into the patient. In autologous transplantation, stem cells may be purged to remove lingering cancer cells. In allogeneic transplants, donor stem cells may be purged to remove T-lymphocytes that cause graft-versus-host disease
Removal cancer cells from stem cells extracted from a cancer patient prior to re-implanting them
The process by which tumor cells are removed from the marrow or blood stem cell suspension that are to be used for an autologous transplant. The stem cells used in an autologous transplant are obtained from a patient with leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma. The patient is usually treated to induce a remission before the stem cells are harvested but some inapparent tumor cells are probably always present. Purging is used to try to minimize the chance of returning tumor cells to the patient with the stem cells infusion after intensive and hopefully curative cytotoxic treatment is given.
That purges; cleansing.
The act of cleansing; excessive evacuations; especially, diarrhea.
Purging is the use of vomiting, laxatives, excessive exercise, restrictive dieting, enemas, diuretics, or diet pills to get rid of food that has been consumed in an effort to keep those calories from causing weight gain.
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Railcar Rally Retracement
the process by which Digitrax command stations automatically release DCC locomotives from "in-use" to "common" when they are not under the control of a throttle connected to LocoNet for approximately 200 seconds. This makes locos that have been "forgotten" by their operators available to be selected by other operators to prevent collisions during an operating session. In the DCS100 purge time can be lengthened to 600 seconds or disabled completely.
A procedure used to totally and unequivocally erase or overwrite all information stored on magnetic media. Purging is one prerequisite to declassification of magnetic media.
The forcing one molding material out of the plasticator with another material prior to molding a new material. Special purging compounds are used.
Cleaning one color or type of material from the cylinder of an injection molding machine or extruder by forcing it out with the new color or material to be used in subsequent production. Purging materials are also available.
Process of cleaning a color or material from an injection molding machine cylinder or extrusion barrel by forcing it out with either a purging compound, the new color or material to be used in subsequent production.
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See De-dupe.
The act or process of cleaning and purifying by replacing the current contents with a cleaner or purer medium.
Totally enclosed electrical equipment is protected with an inert gas under a slight positive pressure from a reliable source. The inert gas provides positive pressure within the enclosure and minimizes the development of a flammable atmosphere. Used in Class I, Division 1 atmospheres at fixed installations.
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the act of clearing yourself (or another) from some stigma or charge
Purging is physically deleting a record from a database table, when deleted records of a Master Table are only marked as being deleted. These marked records are Purged only after their data is synchronized with the replicates of their table. Note that the records marked as "Deleted" are considered as deleted records, and are only used internally for Replication purposes.