Definitions for "Stigma"
That part of a pistil which has no epidermis, and is fitted to receive the pollen. It is usually the terminal portion, and is commonly somewhat glutinous or viscid. See Illust. of Stamen and of Flower.
One of the apertures of the pulmonary sacs of arachnids. See Illust. of Scorpion.
The part of the pistil or gynoecium, which receives the pollen
A mark made with a burning iron; a brand.
Any mark of infamy or disgrace; sign of moral blemish; stain or reproach caused by dishonorable conduct; reproachful characterization.
A small spot, mark, scar, or a minute hole; -- applied especially to a spot on the outer surface of a Graafian follicle, and to spots of intercellular substance in scaly epithelium, or to minute holes in such spots.
a thickened area of the wing membrane located just behind the front margin of the forewing.
Stigmata are prominent cells on the forewings of some moths. Their size, shape and colour can be useful in identifying some species.
A section of scent scales located on the forewing of a male butterfly (specifically Hairstreaks and Skippers) that produces pheromones, useful in attracting females. The black streak on each forewing of this skipper is a stigma. [ image
One of the external openings of the tracheæ of insects, myriapods, and other arthropods; a spiracle.
One of the apertures of the gill of an ascidian, and of Amphioxus.
Each of the respiratory openings or breathing-pores; a spiracle
More or less knob-like enlargement at the apex of the stigmal vein. [drawing
A thickly sclerotized and usually darkly pigmented area on the fore wing margin at the apex of the costal vein. In Chalcidoidea, a knob-like enlargement of the apex of the stigmal vein.
A very strong devaluation that extends to a person's entire character. go to glossary index
According to Erving Goffman, any physical or social attribute or sign that so devalues a person's social identity that it disqualifies that person from full social acceptance.
An attribute that serves to discredit a person in the eyes of others.
a quality or attribute which "significantly discredits" an individual in the eyes of others
the holding of derogatory/negative social attitudes or display of hostile or discriminatory behavior towards members of a group (e.g., PLWHA) on account of their membership of that group.
unwarranted negative attitudes about or behaviors toward persons with particular characteristics, in this case, mental illness.
A term indicating an individual's noticeable features--either physical or behavioural--that lead to societal rejection. In the context of mental illness, stigma refers to society's negative assessment of mentally ill people in general, often reflected in the public's negative treatment of such persons.
A groove or gap in the calcification of the ectooecium of some phidoloporid cheilostomes. Figures: Triphyllozoon, Iodictyum, Reteporellina
A red speck upon the skin, produced either by the extravasation of blood, as in the bloody sweat characteristic of certain varieties of religious ecstasy, or by capillary congestion, as in the case of drunkards.
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Stigma is a ligature of the Greek letters sigma and tau, sometimes used nowadays to represent the Greek numeral 6.
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Stigma is the 40th episode (production #214) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.
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Stigma was an album by EMF. "It's You" was actually called "It's You That Leaves Me Dry" but was re-titled to "It's You" and re-mixed for the single release.
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a positive trait
See market resistance, project incentive, or uncertainty factor.
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a skin lesion that is a diagnostic sign of some disease
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A point so connected by any law whatever with another point, called an index, that as the index moves in any manner in a plane the first point or stigma moves in a determinate way in the same plane.