Definitions for "Autologous"
derived from the same person; people facing surgery can bank their own blood for their use as an autologous donation; or a person might receive an autologous skin graft from another part of his or her body.
Occurring naturally and normally in a certain type of tissue or in a specific structure of the body. Sometimes used to denote a neoplasm derived from cells that occur normally at that site. e.g. squamous cell carcinoma in the upper esophagus.
A form of transplantation where stem cells are removed from a leukemia/lymphoma patient before ablative therapy. The stem cells are then transplanted back into the patient
Hyperthermia Preclinical Precursor
Hypertension Progression Hyperthermia Progressive
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Pulmonary Ifosfamide
Incision Infusion Radioactive
Radioactivity Leiomyosarcoma Radiography
Lipid Liposomal Radiotherapy
Lesion Reconstitution Leukemia Recurrence
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Genetically identical.
Related to self, originating within an organism itself.
Originating from the organism itself.
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Coming from the same person.