Definitions for "Bone marrow transplant"
See hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT).
A procedure in which doctors use high doses of anticancer drugs or radiation to destroy the patient's diseased marrow and then give the patient healthy marrow as a replacement. In an autologous transplant, the patient's own marrow or – more often – blood stem cells are harvested, possibly treated, and then transplanted. In an allogeneic transplant, another person donates the healthy marrow or blood stem cells. On occasion, the allogeneic stem cell collection is treated to reduce the number of T-lymphocytes.
a treatment that restores blood-forming stem cells that have been destroyed by high doses of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. The bone marrow may come from the patient (autologous) or a donor (allogeneic.) See autologous bone marrow transplant, allogeneic bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant.
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an option for curing aplastic anemia
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a critical part of Kushner's protocol
a physically debilitating experience
a treatment of certain types of cancer and non-cancerous
a treatment option for severe chronic neutropenia
an extremely expensive and experimental option