Definitions for "BMT"
General term for the administration of bone marrow, which contains stem cells, that will re-populate the bone marrow after receiving radiation and or chemotherapy.
BONE MARROW TRANSFER. a graft of bone marrow from one individual to another to reconstitute the recipient’s damaged immune or blood-production system.
Bone marrow transplant. A supportive treatment in which a cancer patient's bone marrow is replaced with healthy marrow. The main purpose of BMT in the treatment of most types of cancer is to enable the patient to be given very large, and potentially more effective, doses of chemotherapy or radiation, doses that cause severe damage to the bone marrow. There are three types of transplants: autologous (the patient's own marrow is used); allogenic (the marrow comes from a sibling, parent or an unrelated donor whose marrow closely matches); and synogeneic (perfectly matched marrow that comes from an identical twin).
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NYC subway division called Brooklyn Manhattan Transit company. Includes J, L, M, N, Q, R, Z subway lines.
Brooklyn Manhattan Transit; a subdivision of the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) subway.
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Bund gegen Missbrauch der Tiere
Bitfile metadata table. An array pages, each with a header and an array of mcells located on each volume. A BMT contains metadata, including file attributes, file extent maps, fileset attributes, and the POSIX file statistics, for all files that have storage on the volume.
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Train line in NY that had only ridgys and ding-dongs (except for the As and Cs.)
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Burton Memorial Tower
Base metal thickness.
Base material, the cloth that a fully embroidered patch is stitched onto. Often hobbyists note the variety of an issue based upon the base material.
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Abbreviation for "Broad Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave".
Bean managed transaction. Data integrity managed at the application level.