Definitions for "ding "
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an impression in an art print from handling
a small dent in a car
Keywords:  thump, bell, clang, dong, ring
To cause to sound or ring.
To strike; to thump; to pound.
To sound, as a bell; to ring; to clang.
To level. Example: Joe: DING!~ Frida: Grats
An exclamation one uses right after gaining a level. Taken from the sound effect EverQuest and some other games play back when a player gains a level.
term originated from EverQuest. When you gain a level at EQ you hear a sound similar with a “Ding”, so ding is “got a new level”. Ex.: “How long to ding?” – “I dinged 30 yesterday
Keywords:  tripod, chinese, ting, bronze, ancient
an ancient Chinese bronze vessel with three legs used for cooked food
ding tripod food vessel
A ding or ting is an ancient Chinese vessel with three legs; hence, it is also called a tripod.
Keywords:  violently, knap, throw, dash, thrown
To dash; to throw violently.
strike violently dot hit
(v & n) Throw away, pass on. Any object that has been so treated. Ex. "Knap the ding" or to take something that has been thrown out. [Go to source
To talk with vehemence, importunity, or reiteration; to bluster.
A flattened area or indentation on a chamfer or thread crest caused by mechanical impact.
Keywords:  depression, rim, medium, mark, slang
A small depression in the metal not more than 1/2" long.
A small depression or scratch in the body of the vehicle.
Slang for a small- to medium-sized mark on a coin. Also see: Rim ding
Keywords:  crunch, bend, border, corner, across
a light bend or crunch across a corner, usually inside the border of the card, and not affecting the picture
Keywords:  prisoner, ill, mentally
mentally ill prisoner.
(ding) – a meditative state in which the mind is completely empty, yet aware.