Definitions for "Wreck"
The destruction or injury of a vessel by being cast on shore, or on rocks, or by being disabled or sunk by the force of winds or waves; shipwreck.
Destruction or injury of anything, especially by violence; ruin; as, the wreck of a railroad train.
The ruins of a ship stranded; a ship dashed against rocks or land, and broken, or otherwise rendered useless, by violence and fracture; as, they burned the wreck.
smash or break forcefully; "The kid busted up the car"
Wreck were an independent rock band from Chicago, Illinois made up of Dean Schlabowske (later of the Waco Brothers) on electric guitar and vocals, Bart Flores on drums, and Keith Brammer (from Die Kreuzen and Boy Dirt Car) on bass guitar. They released three records on Chicago's Wax Trax label under the banner of Play It Again Sam. Wreck's two EPs and one LP feature the distinctive production sound of Steve Albini and were a diversion for Wax Trax, which was known as an outlet for industrial dance music.
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See 2d & 3d Wreak.
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a large fish similar to grouper
a serious accident (usually involving one or more vehicles); "they are still investigating the crash of the TWA plane"
To work upon a wreck, as in saving property or lives, or in plundering.
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a vessel which has touched the ground