Definitions for "Stressor"
An environmental event or stimulus that threatens an organism. go to glossary index
an agent that puts mental pressure or strain on an individual
an external event, situation, or stimulus that produces the internal response of stress
A physical, chemical, or biological entity that can induce adverse effects on ecosystems or human health.
A general term for any factor that increases a person's mental or physical stress.
a physical or psychological demand that induces physiological adjustment. (558)
An event that occasions stress in an organism, for example, loss of a loved one.
pressure or change brought upon an ecosystem by pollution sources such as contaminants and toxins.
any event or experience which exerts stress on the mind or body.
any factor that disturbs the organism's equilibrium.
In chemistry, a stressor is something that either speeds up a reaction rate or keeps the reaction rate the same. Stressors include light, temperature and elevated sound levels. Stressors also include the phenomena of substance concentration (does not shift equilibrium), catalysis, substance surface area (speeds up the reaction rate), and the nature of the reactants.
A set of conditions that may lead to an undesirable impact on the living systems which occupy an environment.
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Anything that causes stress.
Any agent that causes stress to an organism.
Agent or condition that produces stress.
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