Definitions for "Habituation"
The act of habituating, or accustoming; the state of being habituated.
A decrease in behavioral response following repeated exposure to nonthreatening stimuli. go to glossary index
Reduction in the strength of a reflexive response produced by repeated presentation of the eliciting stimulus.
The phenomena that, after a number of sub-cultures, cells can grow, without the addition of specific factors, such as no longer needing exogenous growth regulators in the tissue culture medium. Such cells are autonomous.
The acquired ability of a population of cells to grow and divide independently of exogenously supplied growth regulators.
The point at which animals cease to alter their behavior in the presence of human observers.
(Primatology) The process where animals cease to change their behaviour because of the presence of human observers.
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Potassium Translational
a general accommodation to unchanging environmental conditions
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The ability to perform acts, or lines of actions, without requiring active or prior thought by the actor.