Definitions for "Anchoring"
The de-nominalization of the process of stimulus response.
Establishing a trigger which, when activated, will trigger certain responses; this happens randomly in life, but can be suggested during hypnosis (see also triggers).
A form of bias in probability elicitation whereby judgements tend to be excessively centred on a particular value.
To secure a structure to its footings or foundation wall in such a way that a continuous load transfer path is created and so that it will not be displaced by flood, wind, or seismic forces.
all the means to fix a column or a post to its foundation, direct sealing or bolted rods on the base plate.
Tying a wall down to resist racking or lift. Walls can be “anchored” to the ground using foundation bolts, straps, and special brackets.
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Anchoring or focalism is a term used in psychology to describe the common human tendency to rely too heavily, or "anchor," on one trait or piece of information when making decisions.
To secure a vessel temporarily to the bottom of a waterbody by dropping an anchor or anchors from a vessel.
Mechanical bonding of a coating to a rough surface, as contrasted with adhesion, which is chemical bonding.