Definitions for "Dropping"
Keywords:  excrement, eerie, dung, falls, whistle
The action of causing to drop or of letting drop; falling.
That which falls in drops; the excrement or dung of animals; -- often used in the plural.
Bird excrement.
The act of starting your approach to a feature. What you say to your fellow parkmates as a courtesy and way of queuing up who's next when the park gets a little busy. Don't bogart someone else's drop
(see DROP) Originally a safety term used to indicate who was going next off of a jump or into the half pipe or terrain park it is now used in many arenas to ask or indicate who’s turn it is. (eg. I’m dropping in, I’m dropping out, I’m dropping next, I’m dropping dough)
what a snowboarder shouts when he is 'dropping in' to warn others of his presence
Also known as lightening, dropping is when the fetus descends into the pelvic cavity in preparation for delivery. In first pregnancies, the baby often drops two to four weeks before delivery; in subsequent pregnancies, dropping often does not occur until labor.