Definitions for "simple example"
a database of images, linked from the Nucleus but not necessarily pointing back to it
a fireball that you have to charge up a long time to do any damage to speak of
a linked list, where each element contains the data for it list entry and a link to the next list element
a lake that responds to the difference between random inputs of precipitation and random losses through evaporation
a subprogram thatimplements a Pseudorandom numbergenerator , i
a subprogram that returns a random number each time it is called
a compulsory government deposit on a can or bottle, which is refunded when the article is returned to the store
a function called "plus", which receives two integers, called "x" and "y", and returns their sum
an enumeration procedure that returns all the elements of a set satisfying some property
a count of the total number of objects instantiated
a folder and file hierarchy where each object needs different properties
a method that calls a change transaction for a particular business object
Keywords:  bitten, frightened, rpg, stats, dog
a turn-based rpg(character attacks first) where the character and monsters have the stats Attack and HP
a young child whose first experience with a dog is being bitten and frightened
Keywords:  fex, giveaway, scalar, free, field
a Field Extract FEX command
a free DVD giveaway
a free scalar field of mass m
a chat room where new messages should appear automatically, without the client having to reload the page being viewed, and where only the new message and not the entire new page is transmitted
a landscape consisting of a single attractor, a deep pit in an otherwise flat plain
a plain-text message that has an attachment
an archer has a good range and accuracy, however a swordsman can do more damage and has better armor
a family relationship between two persons
a hierarchical network where the concepts are taxonomic terms from biology, and the only type of relationship is type-of ( hyponymous relationship)
a city that imposes a high official meter rate for taxis but allows free entry into the taxi business
an array passed to an interface card
an array which has an entry which is the array
Keywords:  tammy, bruce, writer, big, called
a big writer in the US called "Tammy Bruce"
Keywords:  entangled, electrons
an entangled state of many electrons
a block of text with a picture
a commentary, which explicitly talks about another text
a motion picture resized for the television screen
a content router that sends received XML documents to different destinations, depending on what they contain
a GUI application depicting the world's major tourist destinations
Keywords:  cmt, reset, quarterly, libor, yield
a two-year, quarterly reset deal in which one side pays LIBOR and receives the five-year CMT yield
an automotive suspension strut assembly
Keywords:  glutamine, codon, mutation, stop, codes
a mutation that changes C AG (that codes for glutamine) to T AG, a stop codon
a Dyson disk , essentially a version of Saturn's rings that extends (almost) down to the solar surface
a standard hip throw, the opponent is on the floor pinned down easily by rolling their shoulder into the ground
Keywords:  rectifier, cathedral, full, rich, pipe
a full-wave rectifier
a pipe organ, which uses a small amount of air to fill a cathedral with full, rich sound
a bacterium that can swim so long as it is swimming up a sugar gradient, but can tumble if it finds itself swimming down a sugar gradient (D
a knife with a retractable blade or a safety razor
Keywords:  keypad, buffer
a keypad buffer
Keywords:  ruler, quantify, distance
a ruler used to quantify distance
Keywords:  chess, board
a chess board
a function or a procedure parameterized by its run time arguments
an agent that can calculate running sums
an office network, where it has a slow connection to the internet, but they run their own caching proxy
Keywords:  dui, crash, mother, baby, driver
a DUI driver who kills a mother and her baby in a head on crash
Keywords:  quad, processor, dual, cluster, query
a search index and query processor that makes documents quickly accessible by topic and ranks them according to their relevance to key concepts specified by the user
a two-server cluster, the first server having a quad processor configuration and the second having a dual processor configuration
a linear spring compressed by an axial force
a service that compresses and decompresses documents, where the documents are provided in the message exchanges with the service
Keywords:  magic
a magic show
a search across the site for ' Cheapside '
a search restricted to a type of domain, like
Keywords:  intrusion, latest, alarm, patch, vendor
an operating system that has yet to be secured with intrusion alarm system the latest vendor patch
a computer program used to calculate how a solid such as a metal may expand with increasing temperature
a thermostat that cycles a furnace or air conditioner on and off to maintain a fixed temperature
Keywords:  update, script, perl, cgi, statistics
a log script
an application that uses many simple updates where a transaction needs to update one record
a PERL script CGI for updating the Web server usage statistics or a live frame capture
a print advertisement in a newspaper or magazine that includes the line, "Mention this ad and receive an additional discount on our services
a telephone service
a contract for basic research where it is extremely difficult to describe exactly what constitutes successful research in purely objective terms
a pure state, which happens not to be a product state
a distributor taking orders from customers through a web services interface and then placing the individual orders with several manufacturers through web services interfaces
an application that authenticates a person at the Web interface and then uses the provided credentials to transparently authenticate the person at all other applications within the service
a rule that compares the output torque rating of an engine to the input capacity of the transmission, and automatically upgrades the transmission when its capacity is exceeded
a company that has Active Directory deployed on its internal network and uses a private top-level domain like
a program which has the authority to erase files from a directory
Keywords:  vacation, expensive
an expensive vacation
Keywords:  illusion, mirrors, smoke, created
an illusion created by using smoke and mirrors
Keywords:  partly, sun, concrete, windows, face
a building that is partly heated by the sun through south-facing windows
a thick concrete floor in front of windows which face the sun during the day
Keywords:  missile, enemy, seeking, plane, fast
a heat-seeking missile attempting to reach a fast moving enemy plane
Keywords:  proximity, analysis
a proximity analysis
Keywords:  leaks, led, keyboard, key, caps
a keyboard LED, which is an output indicator, and the caps-lock key being pressed, which is an event provider
a protocol that leaks information about the key being used to encrypt the communication channel
an island - pick any one you like, but New Zealand readily demonstrates the principles involved
Keywords:  scroll, encapsulates, pitch, bar, type
a scroll bar type controller that adjusts pitch
a type which encapsulates values of more than one possible type
Keywords:  rename, whole, model, checking, class
a class rename, which involves checking a whole project model for references, and not just a single file)
a company report authored by one department to justify a capital expenditure
Keywords:  textual, contents, table, document
a table of contents for a textual document
Keywords:  palette, black, white, image, color
an image with only black and white in the color palette
Keywords:  dice, six, textures, points, different
a dice with six different textures that show the points
Keywords:  stack, boxes
a stack of boxes
a uniform accelerated particle (whose speed will thus eventually approach the speed of light but will always be smaller)
a celebrity affair is secret, a celebrity break-up is private
Keywords:  explain, theory, easy, way
an easy way to explain the theory
a sequence of digit string
a String class, in which multiple objects can share the same String representation
a user growing crops that are sensitive to freezing
a population of animals that consume parts of plants in their habitat
Keywords:  bubbles, embedded, glass, block, spaced
a block of glass in which periodically spaced bubbles of air have been embedded
Keywords:  sensor, controller, network
a sensor-controller network
Keywords:  relay, contacts, bit, closes, control
a relay control bit that closes some relay contacts when you set the bit to One
a web page that displays the current time whenever it is requested
a tree that contains all the countries in the world (bottom of the tree) that rolls up to various geographic regions (at the top of the tree)
a contact center application that references customer data to make a call routing decision
a form, such as an application form, which are collected from a group of people
Keywords:  drop, oil, water
a drop of oil in water
a system that decides whether someone is eligible for a home loan
Keywords:  worker, world, three, owning, money
a world with three workers with each worker owning one money unit
Keywords:  four, building, sided
a four sided building
Keywords:  space, color
a color space
Keywords:  languages, domain, specific, set
a set of domain specific languages
Keywords:  well, method, named
a well-named method
Keywords:  light, off
a light, which is either on or off