Definitions for "Watchlist"
When you are logged into WikiFAQ, you have the ability to add pages to your 'Watchlist.' By doing this, you are able to log on at any time to see what changes or edits have been made to the page or article that you added to your watchlist. This allows you to see the list of articles that you are intersted in and track them. Note, you must be logged in to both mark things for 'watch' and to access your 'Watchlist.' For more information on 'Watchlists', see this help link.
You can track your favorite auctions by clicking on the "Add to My Watchlist" link located above the bid box on any item page. When you're ready to bid, access your watchlist by clicking on the "My Auctions" link.
a dynamic comparison view that enables you to create comparative analysis views focused on key brands as needed
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Watchlist (on children and armed conflict) is an NGO striving to end violations against children in armed conflicts and to guarantee children's rights. Watchlist on children and armed conflict - Forced Migration Review, Issue 15, October 2002
a group of domains selected by you
a saved, constantly updating search so you can go back to the search and at any time see the latest posts on your term of interest
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a powerful tool
a tool that allows you to monitor and track the performance of a number of securities or indices at the same time
a collection of stock and options symbols, much like a portfolio