Definitions for "Cycles"
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The methods of cleaning dishes. See Auto clean cycle, China/crystal cycle, Energy saver cycle, Heavy cycle, Light cycle, Normal cycles, Plate warmer cycle, Pots and pans cycle, Quick cycle, and Rinse/hold cycle. D - G
The methods of drying clothes. See Air fluff cycle, Auto dry cycle, Cool down cycle, Cotton/regular cycle, Damp dry cycle, Energy Saver cycle, Extended tumbling cycle, Extra dry cycle, Heavy duty cycle, Knits/delicate cycle, Normal cycle, Permanent press cycle, Wrinkle free cycle and Timed dry cycle. D - G
The options available for washing clothes. See Cold cycle, Colors cycle, Cotton cycle, Delicate cycle, Energy saver cycle, Extra rinse, Favorite cycle, Handwashable cycle, Regular/normal/heavy duty cycle, Hot/cold cycle, Knits cycle, Permanent press cycle, Prewash cycle, Soak cycle, Warm/cold cycle and Wool cycle. D - G
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Cycles is the tenth studio album by American rock band The Doobie Brothers, released in 1989. (see 1989 in music).
Cycles is an album by American singer Frank Sinatra, released in 1968.
Tropical Year (equinox to equinox) 365.24219878 days Anomalistic Year (perigee to perigee) 365.25964134 days Eclipse Year (Moon's Node to Moon's Node) 346.620031 days Tropical Month (equinox to equinox) 27.321582 days Synodic Month (new moon to new moon) 29.530589 days Anomalistic Month (perigee to perigee) 27.554551 days Draconic Month (Node to Node) 27.21222 days Sidereal Year (fixed star to fixed star) 365.25636042 days Sidereal Month (fixed star to fixed star) 27.321661 days Sidereal day = 0.99726966 of a Tropical day-------------------------------- Decan or Face One of the five Essential Dignities, Decan or Face is a 10 degree subdivision of the zodiac. There are 3 Decans per zodiac sign, giving a total of 36 Decans altogether. Each Decan is assigned a planetary ruler. The Chaldean planetary sequence is the same used by planetary hour rulers, and beginning at °Aries is Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, etc.
Cycle theory is based on the premise that prices are affected by an underlying cycle. Some of these are well known: the 54-year Kondratieff Wave economic cycle. Others are less obvious. Commodity indexes are affected by a 10 1/2 month futures cycle (individual commodities do not necessarily follow this).
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A repeating pattern, such as the way matter moves on Earth. See the rock cycle (p. 109-113), water cycle (p. 114-119), and carbon cycle (p. 120-124). You may find yourself muttering, “Matter cycles, matter cycles.
There are three cycles used in Feng Shui. 1) The productive cycle works clockwise on the element chart. It represents order and balance. Fire produces earth, earth produces metal, metal produces water, water produces wood, wood produces fire. 2) The reductive cycle reduces the power of the dominant phase and is used to minimize negative or dominant chi. Fire burns wood, wood absorbs water, water corrodes metal, metal moves earth and earth reduces fire. 3) The dominating cycle is exactly that, the phases dominate each other. Fire melts metal, metal pierces wood, wood burdens earth, earth blocks water, and water diminishes fire.
In electricity, the alternation of the direction of current flow, generally expressed as cycles per second. In the U.S., most household current alternates at 60 cycles per second. Also known as "hertz."
The number of times an alternating current reverses in one second.
(cps) - term used for measuring frequency prior to the term Hertz replaced it - hence kc, Mc, etc.
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an Indiana Based Custom Harley Davidson shop that has a
The fluctuations in demand that occur repeatedly and in the long-term.
Regular fluctuations in crime that correspond to daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or longer changes in human activity 22, 25, 26, 47, 50
The three sequential levels identified by the Bologna Process (first cycle, second cycle and third cycle) within which all “Bologna” qualifications are located.
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The unit of time used to measure battery life span. One period of battery charge - discharge is one cycle.
The span of time between highs and lows of prices.
Turbine engine cycle begins with engine start up, continues through full-power and ends with shutdown
arithmetic measurement of frequency, or a sound's pitch. (The higher the number, the higher the pitch of the sound.)
The number of times the carriage moves across the printer and then back again to its original position.
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a full orbital period
The amount of "movement" in electrical current. International standard is 50 cycles; in U.S., 60 cycles.