Definitions for "Celebrity"
honored or well known person, famous BACK
a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"
the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed
The state or condition of being celebrated; fame; renown; as, the celebrity of Washington.
A person of distinction or renown; -- usually in the plural; as, he is one of the celebrities of the place.
a scene featuring a mainstream celebrity (i.e. Pamela Anderson Lee, Vince Neil)
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Celebration; solemnization.
a forever-receding object of desire, and acts out a role in an ancient, atavistic ritual based on sex, death and transcendence
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a person who has passed all her life treating to arrive received her Star in the Stroll of FAMA in Hollywood
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Celebrity was the fourth studio album by the pop boy band *NSYNC. It was originally released in 2001 by Jive Records. The album achieved five times platinum status.
Celebrity is a mark of generally low- to medium-quality costume jewelry made by a New York company. The trademark "Celebrity" is owned by the Celebrity Jewelry Company of Philadelphia, Pennnsylvania, which makes jewelry of gold and silver, with precious stones.
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a notch on the belt that anyone wants - PUA or not
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a wonderful police procedural story that makes reading fun
Celebrity is a magazine that has been published by the Church of Scientology and its Celebrity Centre organization since 1972. Between 1987-2006 the magazine has averaged about 9 issues per year.
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a sitting duck
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a state of mind that I choose not to adopt
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a mass synchronization device
a public figure and they represent that with which they are associated with
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a name which, once made by news, now makes by itself