Definitions for "Signature file"
A small file that automatically gets attached to the bottom of your outgoing messages and Usenet posts. This file acts as your "signature" and many people like to put quotes or ascii pictures (pictures made from plain text) in them.
An ASCII text file, maintained within email programs, that contains a few lines of text for your signature. The programs automatically attach the file to your messages so you don't have to repeatedly type a closing.
A short text file you create for use as a standard appendage at the end of your e-mail notes. For example, you might include your full name, occupation, position, phone number, fax number, company logo, short personal statement and a disclaimer.
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sister window SITD
Keywords:  mural, spray, artists, tag, behind
a bit like a TAG that young mural artists leave behind on their spray can art work
a type of resource box which gives additional information about the sender in the hope of attracting further enquiries or even orders
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A user can scan a signature and store it in SEMCI PARTNER®, where it is saved as a bitmap and can be inserted into forms or letters.
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an easy way to market your business
a perfect place to plug your site with a free offer for a newsletter, free report, time limited offer, etc
an accepted form of advertising without spamming
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part of a storage disk that includes all the sectors that a read/write head can access.
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a small access index on a per data item basis