Definitions for "InterState"
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Pertaining to the mutual relations of States; existing between, or including, different States; as, interstate commerce.
An interstate highway, part of the United States Interstate Highway system.
Although a part of the National Highway System, the Interstate System will retain its separate identity and will receive Interstate construction, Interstate substitute highway projects, Interstate substitute transit projects, and Interstate Maintenance Program.
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These are State-to-State calls made from your home state to any of the other 50 states. Some plans charge by (band) distance called, others may have somewhat higher rates for calls originating or terminating in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.
Telephone communication services that originate in one state and terminate in another state.
traffic having origin in one state and destination in another state.
With respect to natural gas companies, the transporting and sale of gas for resale across state lines.
Various companies throughout the United States operate interstate natural gas pipelines.
Sales where transportation of natural gas, oil, or electricity crosses state boundaries. Interstate sales are subject to Commission jurisdiction.
The function that provides procedures for establishing and enforcing child support obligations in cases where the custodial parent and child(ren) are located in one state and the non-custodial parent is located in another state.
Delivery from one state to another.
Calls to or from a location outside of your state, but within the mainland United States. [Back to Glossary Table of Contents
a Freeway designed and built by the Federal Government
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InterState is a PHP5 framework/class library for easy building robust web applications.
Communications between states.
Between multiple states. Interstate communications are regulated by the FCC.
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A shipment traveling between states.
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a fast wide road which connects important cities in the United States
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Without having made a valid will or one who dies without having made a will.
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Make a Submission
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Between different states, over a state line.
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Between two or more states.
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see U.I.F.S.A.