Definitions for "Interstate 195"
Interstate 195 (abbreviated I-195) is a 4.91 mile (7.90 km) spur expressway connecting Interstate 95 (its parent route) in the west with Miami Beach in the east, crossing Biscayne Bay by traveling over the Julia Tuttle Causeway. It is part of the longer State Road 112, which continues to the west as the Airport Expressway and to the east as Arthur Godfrey Road.
Interstate 195 (abbreviated I-195) is an auxiliary route of the Interstate Highway System located in the U.S. state of New Jersey. Its western end is at I-295 just south of Trenton, New Jersey; its eastern end is at Route 34 in Wall Township. I-195 measures 34.17 mile (55.0 km) in length.
Interstate 195 (abbreviated I-195) in Maryland is a spur of Interstate 95 just south of Baltimore that travels from Interstate 95 to Baltimore-Washington International Airport.