Definitions for "Interstate 395"
Keywords:  downtown, spur, highway, mile, east
Interstate 395 (abbreviated I-395) connects Interstate 95 in the west with the Macarthur Causeway in the east in the Miami, Florida area. I-395 measures 1.114 miles (1.79 km) in length.
Interstate 395 (abbreviated I-395) in Virginia is a 13 mile (21 km) long spur route that begins at a junction with Interstate 95 in Springfield, Virginia and ends in downtown Washington, District of Columbia. It passes underneath the National Mall near the United States Capitol and ends at a junction with U.S. Highway 50 at New York Avenue, roughly a mile (2 km) north of the Capitol tunnel.
Interstate 395 (abbreviated I-395) is a 67-mile-long north-south interstate highway that begins at Interstate 95 in East Lyme, Connecticut and ends at Interstate 90 in Auburn, Massachusetts, where it becomes Interstate 290. The original designation for the freeway was Route 52. Route 52 was slated to become an extension of Interstate 290 before it received the I-395 designation in 1983."State Ordered To Lift Ban on Tandem Trucks."