Definitions for "U.S. Route 66 Business"
U.S. Route 66 Business was the old alignment of U.S. Route 66 through Springfield, Illinois, United States after the bypass along Adlai Stevenson Drive and Dirksen Parkway opened ca. 1939.National Bridge Inventory It was originally designated U.S.
Business US Highway 66 (also "City US 66" until 1960) was an old alignment of Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri. In 1948, US 66 was moved from downtown (it followed Glenstone Avenue, St. Louis Street, College Street, and Chestnut Expressway) onto a new alignment onto Kearney Street (now Route 744) and West Bypass and the old highway became the business route.
Business US 66 in the East St. Louis, Illinois area followed the older main alignment of U.S. Highway 66 through St.