Definitions for "Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century"
Legislative initiative by the U.S. Congress that funds transportation programs for fiscal years 1998-2003. TEA-21 authorizes increased levels of highway and transportation funding and continues ISTEA planning and funding provisions with minor modifications.
a law enacted in 1998, TEA-21 authorized federal funding for transportation investment for the time period spanning fiscal year 1998 to fiscal year 2003. Approximately $218 billion in funding was authorized, the largest amount in history, and is used for highway, transit, and other surface transportation programs.
Federal law passed in 1998, provides state and local transportation planners and decision-makers with the flexibility to fund transportation projects, which best meet locally determined goals and objectives for mobility, economic opportunity, and air quality. TEA-21 allows for the flexible use, with some restrictions, of selected traditional Federal Highway and Transit funding sources.