Definitions for "MTC"
An interpretation of SMPTE allowing the time code to come in as part of the MIDI data stream.
MIDI Time Code. A way of synchronizing audio and video equipment. It's similar to SMPTE, but is usually internally generated rather than striped on a tape. It is unaffected by song tempo. (4/99)
MIDI Time Code. The method by which MIDI tempo, position and start/stop can be linked to SMPTE.
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Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Manual of Tests Criteria
Metropolitan Transportation Commission, responsible for transportation planning and distribution of federal transportation funds to the nine county San Francisco Bay Area
Metropolitan Transportation Commission. the regional agency that provides comprehensive regional transportation planning for the Bay Area and distributes federal and state transportation assistance funds
Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Medullary Thyroid Cancer
Mercedes-Benz Technology Center
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative is the state’s development agency for renewable energy and the innovation economy. MTC administers the Renewable Energy Trust and other funds and initiatives like the John Adams Innovation Initiative.
million tonnes of carbon equivalent
Minesite Technical Committee
Medical Treatment Case
Mobile Tactical Computer SCF Satellite Control Facility
A mobile treatment centre meeting the requirements of section 33.33.
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Mass transfer coefficient. Mass or volume unit transfer through membrane based on a driving force, expressed in gal / ft2 / day / psi.
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maximum tolerable concentration. Highest concentration of a substance in an environmental medium that does not cause death of test organisms or species (denoted by LCo) WHO, 1979
master test component
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Metro Traffic Control
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Model & Toy Collector Magazine
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Maneuver Training Command