Definitions for "Section 9"
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SecNine is a Python-written toolset for creating and managing PXE-booting diskless cluster.
represents applications which are approved under the Section 9 of the Trade-marks Act. Section 9(1)(e) - Government flags Section 9(1)(n)(i) - Her Majesties Forces section 9(1)(n)(ii) - Universities Section 9(1)(n)(iii)- Public authorities in Canada Section 9(1)(i) - 6ter applications, Foreign Government Flags
A securities representative is either a group savings plan representative, an investment contract representative or a scholarship plan representative who does not act for a person registered as a dealer acting as principal or as agent within the meaning of the Securities Act ( chapter V-1.1). A group savings plan representative is a natural person who offers shares or units in mutual funds. An investment contract representative is a natural person who offers a participation in investment contracts within the meaning of the second paragraph of section 1 of the Securities Act. A scholarship plan representative is a natural person who offers units in scholarship plans.
The section of the Endangered Species Act that deals with prohibited actions, including the import and export, take, possession of illegally taken species, transport, or sale of endangered or threatened species.
The Technical Side Audio production Reel-to-reel analog machines Digital recording techniques Digital audio DAT Audio consoles Control studio equipment VU meters Patch panels Transducers and compressors CD functions Pressing the CD Music library Editing and splicing on tape Digital audio workstations Pro-Tools, CakeWalk, SAW programs Digital Editing
The expression of a voluntary silent prayer or spiritual practice in a public place will not constitute government or public endorsement of a particular religious expression. The voluntary, incidental display of a religious object or artifact in a public place likewise will not constitute public endorsement of religion.
Summarizes recommended unconventional (planar, bending wave, etc.) drivers and their products.
Imputed income and gross-up for cash payments. How to compute a bonus that includes the employee's share of taxes or withhold taxes after a cash bonus has been given.
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Budget Reconciliation Plan
Implementation of working time change Staff consultation Management control in the post-implementation period
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Physical Inventory Function
Equipment Replacement Function
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